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About Morinj




Secluded in the first bend of the inner bay small town of Morinj is the largest settlement on the west coast of Kotor and Risan Bay, and a famous tourist spot.

In addition to a post office and store, this village contends for the titles of best camping ground and best fish restaurant in the country.


Many sailors and sea captains originate from here, who were at the same time warriors (in the past) and patrons of art.

Because of this, they were able to establish the first school in the native Serbian language (1803) here in Morinj.  The school building still exists today.


The temperature of the river that is around 13ºC brings cooler and much more released air in the hot summer days and makes comfortable sleeping during the nights.


River by itself was used for the mills, and that was one of the primary activity in this village in the past. Different merchant ships would bring wheat and other crops to ground them in Morinj mills.

One of them stays today in a family restaurant Catovica Mlini where you can still see it.

Brackish sea water in Morinj favors the growth of many shells. In the neighborhood, there are a lot of delicious mussels and fish farms.


The upper part of the village called Gornji Morinj is a little inhabited aria with mostly old stone houses owned by families with few centuries tradition. The silver dome of St Petka Church (Crkva Sv Petke) sparkles above all.